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Views on Performance Assurance Systems

For clean air in your facility, it is good to consider the installation of performance assurance systems which helps in air filtration. However, the installation is not usually done by anybody but qualified technicians. It is of importance to do some research on the best technician in the market who can diligently deal with performance assurance system. Posting it online can be an advantage because you will be able to find some technicians who know how to fix the test port. When it comes to the validation testing, it is good to consider a system which has both an aerosol dispersion system and a test port not forgetting a challenge. It is also an advantage to find a system which can adequately mix the aerosol into the air for air purification. It is also of benefit to fix a system that can be able to read the actual concentration of aerosol at the filter plenum. Get to know more from Performance Assurance Systems.

The filter plenum should be able to accommodate the required aerosol. The certifier should be careful when counting the particles which are passing through the downstream by the use of calibrated photometer. The aerosol challenge is the most voted method of testing HEPA filtration because the process should be checked after some time. It is good to keep on assessing the airflow upstream to the filter because this process of filtration requires frequent access. It is also good to give yourself some time when it comes to the performance of the test. The photometers are usually there to read the aerosol concentration which has been returned through the test port. The scan filter also helps in assessing the results by scanning the face of the filter. Turning off the ports by using a screwdriver after the scanning process is essential so that you can connect to the next port.

One of the benefits of passport systems is that they can easily be connected to disinfectants and cleansers which are mostly used in cleanrooms. The other advantage of passports is that they can be installed in the ceiling to prevent unfiltered air from entering the room. The use of passports ensures that the photometers read the exact concentration of aerosol to avoid some leaks hence increasing the accuracy test. Passport devises usually makes sure that no unfiltered particle which creates a good environment for people to work. With a passport device, one technician is enough to do all the validation processes without any help. It is good to consider a performance assurance installation team which is quick and clean when it comes to great validation. Learn more from us at

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